At Healing Transformations we strive to provide you the best in mental health care by providing a safe haven of loving empathetic treatment. Our goal is to help you get a few steps closer to where you long to be and not be stuck at a place of where you have been. You are not your past and as seasons change so shall your needs. We take pride in empowering our clients to branch outside of their comfort zone and unlocking and exploring their true potential. It is inevitable that throughtout life challenging times will occur, however, it is our goal to equip you with the best chance possible at the outcome you seek.

We feel that our style of therapy is eclectic meaning, we do not use just one style or one technique for each person. All individuals need individual treatment that caters to their special situations and needs.  At Healing Transformations we take individualized care very seriously. We aim to guide you to a place where you are no longer held back by your fears or any perceived limitations and are ready to step into a new you.


About Healing Transformations

Our Mission Statement


"Our mission is to empower and equip individuals with the tools needed in order to live the type of life that they desire of which includes healing from past experiences, transforming graciously into the present, and looking forward to the future"

Our Community


Our home office is based in Birmingham, AL at 2214 3rd Ave N however, if there are barriers to transportation and within  reasonable accommodations and distance consideration we will travel. We seek every opportunity to reach out to the community with events and conferences. Our first conference held this year for the community "From broken to break through" was a complete success and we look forward to next year's event. Stay posted by looking at our announcement page for any upcoming events.

Our Staff


Our staff is comprised of lead therapist Lynda Cameron Price, ED.S,LPC, AADC  is a licensed counselor who specializes in meeting clients where they are and preparing them for where they wish to go. Her approach to therapy and some of her techniques include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Gestalt Therapy and practicing mindfulness. She is also a certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor through IC&RC.

" We are committed to giving you our best in order for you to be your best"- 


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